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Get Outside

Teton Valley is the place to be for every outdoor adventure, no matter what season! From world-class trout water, hundreds of miles of mountain biking, and hiking to snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking, your trip will keep you searching for more! Relax and enjoy a scenic drive through the Nation's oldest national park: Yellowstone; where you'll see plenty of wildlife, geysers and pristine lakes.

Teton Valley is a prime winter destination with activities for the whole family. On the quiet side of the Tetons, you'll find pristine snow, wildlife, and a real escape from the everyday hustle. Our valley is situated on the western slope of the Grand Teton range, meaning that storm fronts deposit snow on the way over the mountain and offers breathtaking views. Our valley is filled with adventure seeking outdoor enthusiasts who want to share their experience with you.

From world-class skiing, miles of groomed trails, to guided backcountry tours, sleigh rides, a fat bike mecca and 2 national parks to explores, you'll have plenty to do on your vacation.

Snow Businesses

Whether you are into hiking, biking, horseback, riding, paddle boarding, fly fishing, or any outdoor activity, Teton Valley is the perfect destination. Teton Valley is compressed of three small towns filled with western hospitality and plenty of adventure. You'll escape the everyday routine and experience a vacation that creates lifetime memories that draw you back.

Our local shops, businesses, and residents will welcome you and make you feel like you are part of this special place.


To really experience Teton Valley, you deserve to add a touch of the finer things. If it's a day on the golf course, waking up to morning yoga, keeping up on your crossfit, or a day at the spa, you'll find all these great amenities in the valley. If you are a foodie, then you have come to the right place. We believe in shopping local and local is what you you'll get. Local and regional farms, summer farmers' markets and farm to table food events are found in Teton Valley.

Our residents pride themselves on homegrown food and vegetables, so keep an eye out on special events that revolve around them.


While in Teton Valley, there are some must see and must dos.