Teton Valley: A Great Place to Do Business

Idaho’s Teton Valley offers unparalleled year-round recreation, scenic beauty, a thriving arts culture and an affordable, soul-nourishing, low-stress lifestyle. Many of our 10,500 residents came to play and have stayed to live and work. The Teton Regional Economic Coalition (TREC) recruits new companies and supports startups and existing businesses in Teton Valley.

TREC Mission:

To develop a stable and diverse economy by retaining, strengthening and recruiting businesses in Teton Valley and enhancing the visitor experience.


  • Support a high-quality, Western experience for visitors
  • Create visibility for local businesses
  • Recruit and grow high-wage jobs: technology, manufacturing, recreation, food
  • Support traditional and new agriculture
  • Maintain the unique natural character of Teton Valley


  • General consulting and referrals
  • Referrals to financing sources
  • General overview of regulatory and zoning environment
  • Real estate inventories and advice
  • Introductions to state, city and county officials, and local business owners
  • Monthly Chance Meetings entrepreneur networking events
  • Marketing consultation
  • Made in Teton Valley Branding
  • Teton Geotourism Center


Brian McDermott

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